Friday, 29 February 2008

Why keep secret?

Secret is what you do that at least someone knows about,but you don't want some other people to know about it. Today i ask myself why do people keep secrets. There are very few things i have done in life that i really wish some do not know about,may be i can remember one or two, but eventual those i am keeping it from helped me out of it.

As a student leader back in school, i have a lot of people coming to me, to tell me stuffs about their personal life and i take pride in being able to keep their secrets.I also know some people that if you tell them anything,they will talk about it the very next day on the roof top.That reminds me of a joke about 3 pastors gisting one day.They were telling each others about their weaknesses.The first one said his weakness was that he couldn't keep his eyes and hands off the sisters in his church.The second pastor's weakness is the church money. He is always helping himself to some anytime he is in need.After saying all that, the third pastor made them realise that his own weakness is just that his mouth is like the bowel of a sick person he must vomit whatever he eats,he cannot keep a secret anything he heard he must say it.

Is keeping peoples secrets a strength or weakness? because i know that there some secret you will keep that will put you in trouble.But i do know that despite all, whatever you do and you don't want somebody to know about,don't venture into it at all, because one day the secret will be revealed and where will you be then.So please don't keep secret because once someone knows about it,it is no longer secret.How do you know that your so called secret is not what someone is sharing as a testimony.So Whatever you do it is better to fear God than to fear men.He is the all knowing where there is no man God is there.Cheers

Have a wonderful weekend.

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