Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Today, average lifespan according to a recent statistics is about 75 years.

This means that; If you are presently 20, according to the lifespan statistics you only have 660 months left. If you are 30 years old; 540 months left. If you're 40 years; 420 months remaining.

If you're presently 50 years; 300 months and if you are 60 and above, you have less than 180 months.

Now, my objective is neither to depress nor to frighten you. Rather, I only want you to understand that we do not have an unlimited number of years to live. It's a pity that most of us live our lives as if we have 5,000 years to live.

Fast forward yourself in time, visualize yourself when you'd be old, grey and on your death bed. What are those things that you are going to regret? What are those chances you'd wish you had taken? And what are the things you'd wish you had achieved?

The woman you'd wish you had asked out? The job you'd wish you had changed? The education you'd wish you had furthered.Whatever?

The only person holding you back is you. Take chances and even if you make mistakes, it's still ok. The most important thing is that you learn from them and then do better next time.

Dear all, Live your life to the fullest!


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Riyike said...

Revealing and insightful!