Friday, 27 October 2006

Before you gulp that drink

To all the coke and other can drinkers
Better to be safe than sorry ( or 6 feet under),This incident happened recently in North Texas.

A woman went boating one Sunday taking with her some cans of coke,which she put into the refrigerator of the boat. On Monday she was taken to the hospital and placed in the Intensive Care Unit. She died on Wednesday.

The autopsy concluded she died of Leptospirosis.This was traced to the can of coke she drank from, not using a glass.Tests showed that the can was infected by dried rat urine and hence the disease Leptospirosis.Rat urine contains toxic and deathly substances. It is highly recommended to thoroughly wash the upper part of soda cans before drinking out of them.

The cans are typically stocked in warehouses and transported straight to the shops without being cleaned.A study at NYCU showed that the tops of soda cans are more contaminated than public toilets (i.e).. full of germs and bacteria.So wash them with water before putting them to the mouth to avoid any kind of fatal accident.

Have a wonderful weekend.Cheers

Thursday, 26 October 2006

Married or Single this is an eye opener

This is well worth reading! I know it is long, but it is well worth reading. It a mail going around on the internet and i think all my readers can learn from it. I don't know who Anthony J Cox is but am sure it is a story to learn from sit back and enjoy.

Here is the story

To those of you who are single or married, saved or not saved, this is for you.I am a 35-year-old African American or Black brother dying of Aids.I would like to share my testimony with you.

I am an owner of a Mortgage Company in Atlanta, GA. I own a 1999 Jaguar and I also own a $350,000 beautiful home in Cobb County. I have a beautiful Lady who is deeply in love with me and a loving family. But most important, I have Jesus. This is just a wake up call to all single brothers and sisters who are professing to be Christians, but don't want to be complete. Brothers, I had a beautiful young lady who loves the Lord and worships the ground I walk on. But I still wasn't quite happy because sometimes I would see another sister with a Coca-Cola bottle shape and just wanted to hit it. Because I was using a condom, I thought that I wouldn't catch the killer "AIDS" but guess what? I did. And the person I caught it from was a girl that I knew well. But the condom came off and now I am dying of AIDS.

Yes, I wore a condom. But yes it did happen. God gives us time after time to straighten our lives up. I do know the Lord in the pardon of my sins. I've been saved now for 7 years. I found out 7 months ago that I had the virus, and now I have full-blown Aids. And I want you all to know that I have never been with another woman. I really didn't think that I was doing anything wrong, because I would tell the women who I would deal with about the woman I love. I thought that was good enough. But it wasn't.

I am a good man and also a God-fearing man; but my weakness was women. I really wasn't out there like you may think I was, but every once and a while I would see something I wanted to try. My girlfriend is a praying woman. I know now that she was intimate with me because she loved me and she wanted to make me happy. Now I've given AIDS to the woman I love (who has been faithful to me) because of lust. Brothers and sisters, what I am telling you is that God is tired of us hurting each other and using each other for self-gratification.

God has given me my home, my dream car and a beautiful woman and I took it all for granted. I've been tithing for 7 years. I am the chairman of my Deacon Board. But when I told my Pastor I had AIDS, he could not believe it because of the way I would carry myself. Brothers, if you have a sister who loves the Lord and who loves you for who you are and not for what you look like and not for what you have, cherish her. Sisters ... If you have a brother who loves the Lord, love him and cherish him.

My life has been altered. I've been with my lady since I was 20, and I've always used my young age as an excuse for not being loyal and not settling down with the woman I loved. I was being a hypocrite thinking that I was missing something, and not realizing that I had a good woman who loved and adored me. I wish I had been a real man and had appreciated the good woman God had sent me by not making excuses and dedicating my life to her. I would love to travel and marry this beautiful young Lady -- but now I can't. I've embarrassed my family, my church and my friends. But I was hardheaded and now I must suffer.

God is cleaning up. Stop playing with God. God is revealing the secrets of us Christians. Brothers and sisters, we don't have to have so many "friends," You know what we call them. "The ones we are planning to sleep with but haven't yet." We often say that we don't want anyone to know our business, but God is about to reveal some things. Especially us young people. We think so carnal. But we say that we have been transformed. We have been transformed from what we want to be transformed from. Let's be real. God knows that the opposite sex attracts us. And he knows the desires we have for each other, but we don't have to have multiple partners. If I could do it all over again, I would marry the woman I love and live happy forever.

But now I can't! But you can! Singles... I gotta tell you, it's not worth it. I love you all! Get rid of casual sex. And fight to prevent lovemaking (fornication)! This is really deep. After you've read this, think about yourself. Could this have been you? Some of you may not relate, but think about anything you are doing right now that is not of God. You may not have anything to do with premarital sex or a sexual affair, but sin is sin and everything done in the dark shall come to the light.

We are living in the last and final days, and pretending to be saved is not going to cut it. Professing that He is Lord, and yet worshipping the devil every chance you get will lead you to the same path as me. Sex for those who are saved must be with your OWN wife or husband. That includes necking and petting, touching, oral sex, phone or Internet sex, and even fantasizing. Get your mind out of the gutter and put it in the Word of God and you'll have great success. Don't and you'll have great woe. I love the LORD and thank Him for all that He does in my life; therefore, I'm passing this on.

Yes, I do love Jesus who has forgiven me of the repeated sins. That forgiveness does not cancel out the consequences, at least not so far. But that's on me. Still, the Lord is my source of existence and Savior. He keeps me functioning each day and is letting me share my story with you. I'm telling it like it REALLY is to help somebody. Without Him, I will be nothing. Without Him, I am nothing but with Him I can do all things. Phil 4:13

Be Positive - Be Progressive...
Take the time to make a positive difference in someone's life.

Minister Anthony J. Cox

Some people are in your life for a season, some for a lifetime. Don't mix seasonal people with lifetime expectations. It can be dangerous and deadly.

Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Is that what u actually want?

Good day, i hope you are having a swell time, as for me, my day has been challenging.I want us to think about something serious today. The issue is all about working for somebody and doing something on your own. As i have been telling people since my days in school, an employee that is not making as much as 10 multiple of his salary for his employer is walking on a dangerous path for he can be kicked out any time, nad that i will not look for a job for one day, as it turned out i did not. Before my Graduation i was already working as a management staff of a multimillion Naira company.

Now check out the guys driving the best of cars in town,they are probably on their own. I'm not saying you can not make it working for somebody, (because even me today, i'm working under somebody,who happen to be a great leader,Who is encouraging me to work on my long term plan. The job i'm doing today is like my MBA and my salary is my bursary). What i'm saying is that the chances are slim. So my friend instead of sitting down or walking around town loking for somebody to employ you. Work on your own ideas you will be suprised at what you can achieve on your own. If you have Challenges it is there to make you strong,you can also source for materials that will help you grow.

Erastus Akingbola of Intercontinental Bank recently delivered a Lecture on Investment and identified 5 key issues on the topic.
1. An employee can never be rich.
2. Plan yourself out of employment. Have a 5 year plan.
3. Have a dream and a plan for achieving that dream.
4. Promotion is a way of entrapping the best employee
5. Job security is bondage, no one can promise you a job security.

So, that is what a bank MD in Nigeria said what are you waiting for.

Sunday, 15 October 2006

Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Hi, this post is the continuation of what i started yesterday if you have not read it, you need to quickly rush there and read.So also i didn't give yesterday thought any title,todays title is for the two. Enjoy:
Sometime ago the raging issue was a dress code for students of schools of higher learning, then I asked should we not be ashamed that we have stooped this low, what happened to days when the fear of a teacher was wisdom. The fear of a teacher was enough for a student to know he/she needs to dress decently. Now to hell with the Vice Chancellor, after all he who goes to equity must go with clean hands..
We cannot guarantee any form of free education, most Governors have turned state bursary allocations into political tools, that is when it is not intelligently and crookedly sent to England to buy a mansion in cash. Government at the center is confused, one minute it is 6-3-3-4 system, now we hear it would be 9-3-4, only Allah knows if the next one won’t be 16-16-16. Till this moment no one has explained the rational behind the change, the merits or otherwise why we had to abandon the last system which was barely practiced for a decade plus. A nation that jokes with the education of its youth nay its citizen would have itself to blame not just in the future but even now it suffers it.
Teachers...crave my indulgence some months back in Nigeria, yes our Nigeria, our beloved naija parents made their kids sit for the yearly GCE exams and to imagine that the parents in question needed the result to register with the Teachers' Institute. One wonders what direction our insanity is heading towards. Teachers no longer teach, they no longer reach out to their wards, not that one blames them, with a President that has never hidden his disdain for teachers and education we cannot expect better.
At the just concluded National Council on Education meeting the Minister For Education, Mrs Oby, came out smoking but then give her and this government some time the smoke will die down to a point you hardly will notice the ashes, all she had to say was on the indiscrimatory award of honourary doctorate degrees, to this I wonder what she was talking about, the problem besetting the educational sector has gone beyond the award of degrees, there is a Governor, at the last count has 13 all from Nigerian Universities, so my Sister Oby, leave that one. Before Oby, was the post -JAMB woman, how did she end. Already I hear there is a power tussle between the current Minster and the Senate committee chairwoman Joy Emordi, while our education is on fire, those concerned with salvaging what is left are engaged in personality clashes.
In my daily routine with Newspapers I am beseeched with adverts for schools offering better education, from Cyprus to Singapore to Jamaica and no one bothers about the number of parents and students seeking alternate education.
Why do we like to lie to ourselves...I never will know, I can tell you that in some states of the federation by random sampling no public school has a functional up to date complete computer unit with Printer and Governors will tell you how they have transversed from Galilee to Riyadh in improving education and the government at the center is preaching info-tech.
The school feeding programme has stopped were it started because it was more political than not. Again we are pursuing a dumb, deaf and blind policy of free education tagged UBE, what happened to UPE, nothing other than failure of policy and it is already happening to the UBE reform. The Government does not have the manpower to cater for the children that are going to start the programme, some states are not even prepared, so we are going to employ crash teachers to teach crash pupils that will crash retrogressively till they crash land with empty heads.
I intend to establish a primary school right in my car garage because I love kids, no, because its good business, just imagine I have 200 children and they pay only 10 thousand Naira and I have five teachers who have no qualification whatsoever, the only basic requirement is we are of the same faith or tribe, what else does one need to tell you that business is good. What the kids are taught is secondary and off course they go on a lot of excursions which the parents pay for. This in summary is the typical run of the mill private nursery and primary school and we looked at these kids and called them future leaders, I can say that tomorrow, certainly is bleak, if we don't make a change.
I have blamed government, teachers, but sadly the worst culprit in falling standards of education remains our parents whose values have also taken a deep, the days when parents insisted that their wards passed with good grades to move to the next class has been substituted to an era that this same parents now buy question papers ahead of the exams, bribe examiners, make sure the kids study courses they lack interest and lack the required basics, and then we turn around to blame government is double hypocrisy and crying wolf where there are no rats.

Parents do not even know what their wards are doing in school; “let me see your homework” is now a strange phrase in families. Who really cares, the Ibos to Alaba in droves, and our Yoruba brothers to the mechanic workshop and how about hausas in the North, its worse because the leaders are fighting for a center. These are no apprentice by calling but because of lack of choice. An uneducated populace is one of the recipes for catrostrophic socio-eco-political, cultural and steady future, a nation where anything will always go. We need to go back to the All-Wise One, or else, this terrible reality will go a stage beyond repair. We need to wake up, but like i said in the begining, all hope is not lost.There is a new generation coming up in this country, you don't need to look far before you see one, they are very passionate about this country, they are the take over generation ready to make all the necessary change . Nigeria is waiting for you and me to make a change, wake up my people and rescue our country from the hands of this crooks that call themselves leaders.

Monday, 2 October 2006

I want to write about the educational mess we are in, but I don't want to sound like i have lost hope because i have not at all. Sadly, it has become a case of when we are not decrying poor student quality, it would be low scholarly ability of the teachers, and we are graduating young and old in their thousands, yet a high percentage largely unprepared in cases and in other situations ill-prepared for life away from the ivory tower. We have not been able to tackle the menace of cultism, that is when the Minister is not bribing for Budget or another Minister is not removed acrimoniously. We have spent time arguing whether government should hands off accommodation or not. The list of misadventure is endless, the hope is...
While no University has attained any real level of autonomy, there is no resource to control. Strikes by the labour units from Primary to tertiary level have been a situation of jungle negotiation with the government at one point or the other reneging on its promises. Weeks back in the papers Sheila Solarin widow of the late educationalist Tai Solarin cried out that pupils entering J.S 1 could neither read nor write English, in her short take she noted the absence of teachers to teach and very few people I am sure noticed the little piece which was tightly squeezed at the letters to editor corner of the Guardian Newspapers.
The bitter truth is that we are reeling out nonsense from our Primary stage to the highest level of education. We are cursed with a leadership that is at loss to what the cure is. We have developed a set of students whose parents bribe up the academic ladder because teacher will teach nonsense after all. Our schools today at best are filled with frustrated persons that are still holding the chalk for lack of what next to do. Every year no one is really taking stock of the number of University manpower leaving the shores of this nation never to return and we just sit and term it brain drain, when in truth it has become a complete DRAIN, brain and belly, soul and spirit.
We are a nation of largely intelligent illiterates so we do not bother about statistics, in most Universities a student goes through a University education without the benefit of experiencing a Professor teach him, or interact with him, the days when students sought admission into schools based on the reputation of some Professors are gone. Instead we have scholars who have built reputation for Rank Xeroxing Philip Kotler's marketing text word for word as handout on a ‘buy and pass basis’, that is when the teacher is not a Mr. Lecturer insisting that Bimbo must go the whole length of her skirt to pass.What actually is Nigeria turning to. (To be continued)