Friday, 8 September 2006

Hello out there,by way of introduction,i'm olaoluwa i work and live in lagos.I work with a fast growing consulting firm that specialises in:Recruiting,Training,Marketing and information Services.I have a passion of reaching out to young undergraduates and fresh graduates alike,i have passion to do something that will make things easier for them or at least stabilize them when they leave school.Take for Example, how do you feel when you see a graduate of several years still searching for job,without knowing what to do next. Maybe you are still in Secondary school when he graduated,i mean it baffles me to see someone who has been in school for at least 5+x years to just sit down after all the;sleepless night and burning of midnight candles to be waiting for somebody else to determine what they are going to do next or expecting an an event you cannot say exactly when it is going to happen.I just hope you get something real from this idea. We will be looking at Undergraduate,what they do in school that affect who they are,after school,which also affect what they do,we will also be looking at fresh graduate,give them several ideas on what is going on and keep them abreast of business opportunities flowing around them on daily basis.The normal practice of an average graduate is to sit at home for sometime,which usually span between 3 month and 2 years depending on when the almighty Director General of N.Y.S.C. decide's to call them up for one year compulsory service,i can hear you saying is that so.Well in my own case it took me just 18 month of waiting to get called up into the state I grew up in,it is by only by divine intervention that i was not posted to the town i grew up in.I think somewhere along the line i will have to share my own story, so that we will all have an idea of where i was coming from, then you may be provoked to do something about your own situation.Enjoy the best.