Monday, 9 December 2013

Top earner list in Network Marketing 2014.

I just perused the report of the top earners in the Network Marketing or (MLM) industry, and there are new things happening there. The top 4 earners in MLM currently earn over a million dollars ($1,000,000) per month! Yes you got that right, this industry has stars that make football follow behind. You know what it takes?

All it takes is a passionate adherence to the Don Failla Model and a super vehicle like A2W – Sponsor a Friend, teach them to sponsor by sponsoring for them, teach them to teach, by watching them sponsor and giving them feedback. Once you have done this you have duplicated. In A2W, the speedometer has no limits, you can go as deep as you want, and keep earning. I have made up my mind that I will feature in the top earners list, but not alone, I'm taking at 4 people with me, who would take 4 each with them as well, and so on. What about you? Do you have what it takes?

 (I am sorry if you don’t understand the Network Marketing Model or don’t agree with it. If you really would love to learn, I can get you a book to read. You aren’t the only one who has failed before, you won’t be the last. Just like with all things, most people fail. The odds that you will succeed in this however, is up to you. The odds that you have much of a choice is also very low. ILO actually says you are more likely to make 6 digits here than at your life sucking job). Top Earners

PROMO REWARDS – Simplify to Multiply

A2W is positioning to simplify to multiply

We now have 4 simple rewards

Instant Rewards = $40 For Paid Affiliates and Above (direct sponsor – active income)

Team Bonus and Matching Team $20-25 For Bronze and above (no limit in depth -passive income)

Leadership Bonus = $50-150 For Silver, Gold and Platinum (no limit in depth – passive income)

Leadership Vacation = For Gold and Platinum With Sufficient Points (7 Amazing days on the Exotic laps of luxury)

RENEW or GET a Privilege Pack + A2W Healthy Oven FREE!

This is correct you know, you pay the same price you have always paid to get a Privilege Pack, and get a Financial Intelligence Pack FREE + An A2W Healthy Oven. This comes with a 12 month warranty and an European Standards Certification.

This means as soon as you get into the vehicle, you don’t even need to buy a product, it comes with a product and opens you up to already succeed.

It’s a promo, offer lasts while stocks last!

BUSINESS – Turned on it’s head!

In conventional business, you are in business by yourself, in A2W you are not alone. Guess what, if you get someone like me to sponsor you, it means you have me literally working for you for the next 1-2 months depending on your rate of development. I simply have the task of teaching you how to sponsor your relationships by actually doing it for you. All you need to do is watch me do it 5 times, earn all the while I’m doing it, and get set to do it for those 5 people as well.

The truth is, I can't get you on board, if I'm not willing to work for you. If your success annoys me, then I'm better off not telling you about it. This really helps us do business with a heart! Oh, we didn't do it this way before, we just learnt it, and now we are doing it. If you are interested, I can give you someone to sponsor and support you, who I'm sponsoring and supporting. Yeah, it’s possible to get to that place where you can’t accommodate anyone anymore, you can only support others to support them.

DISCOUNTS, DISCOUNTS, DISCOUNTS (Distributors Only… sorry public)

Yes, I remember many distributors shouting that they want discounts and are willing to become distributors. Well I believe it’s a distraction compared to building your organization, but the truth is, it’s always better to move from what you know how to do, to what you want to learn how to do. So if buying and selling gives you the vibes, it’s now in the privilege pack, look for Nigeria and hit on Discount section. You can buy the Ovens, Tabs, Jitron Medical devices, Laptops, ACs, SuperMarket Products, AloeVera King Juice and so much more for really cool prices.

Why don’t you pause, and login. Trust me, it may bend your mind.

SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM – Don Failla Complaint!

What if once I get to bedrock, I’m silver. Once I see my 3rd generation complete? If you don’t know what bedrock means, you are not current… grab a copy of Don Failla and READ it 10 Times, just like me! Some distributors who don’t have any results also say they read the book, trust me, when the student is ready with an empty cup, the teacher will appear. In a short while, the ranks will simply announce that you are heading in the right direction! Datszall!

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Best way to make Legitimate money globally.

 I came across this interesting piece on Network marketing, i think it is good to share it with us all.

After Extensive research into the network marketing industry, Harvard Business School developed three criteria that a network marketing company must have in order to make it a most desirable opportunity. They are as follows:

1) The company must be at least 18 months old.

2) The company must have a product that is highly consumable. Having a product that is highly consumable means repeated sales, thereby guaranteeing customer loyalty versus a one-time sale and having to source new customers.

3) It needs to be a “ground floor opportunity”. Harvard Business School suggests that in order for the opportunity to qualify as ground floor the number of existing reps must be less than 1% of the total population of the country where the company is operating. In the United States, this figure is equal to 1.5 million people. If the company has less than 100,000 distributors, Harvard Business School considers it to be ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunity.

In addition, Harvard Business School states there are four distinct stages of growth in a network marketing company.   They are as follows:

1) Foundation- This usually last approximately six months and is when a company develops its products and marketing plan.

2) Concentration-This period lasts approximately 2 to 4 years from when the distributor network is started.

3) Momentum- This period lasts 2-4 years also. This is when the company experiences phenomenal growth and distributorships’ businesses explode. It is during this period that the company virtually sweeps the nation. When a company’s sales reach 50 million, it reaches what is called critical mass(Sales go vertically right off the graph)

For example, when Herbalife reached $50 million, sales jumped to $151 million in only 12 months and they added over 800,000 new distributors to their organization. Say an organization is producing a bonus check in the amount of $1,000.00 per month. When the company reaches critical mass, distributors automatically experience a 10 fold increase in their earnings. In other words a $1,000.00 check per month becomes $10,000.00 per month. This is the reason for getting involved on the ground floor, so you will experience the benefits of explosive growth

4) Stability- This is the period that lasts for the life of the company. A network marketing company that is dedicated to the success of its distributors will experience longevity, thereby insuring that an active distributorship will realize continued earnings growth

So, based on this data, the people that are preaching about waiting until a company is 4 years old lose out on the true, high dollar positions.  If you are NOT in by year 4, you will make money BUT the upline makes SUBSTANTIALLY more money…because of their position.

NOW… do you need another reason to get in? visit or send a mail on for more information.

New dawn on Oyato.

Its been a long while anything was posted on this blog, i don't want believe its been four good years. Am glad am alive, stronger and a lot better. Its a new dawn on Oyato. There is a lot in the pipeline and my promised is that it will never take this long for me to write again. Take time to enjoy yourself and anytime you are here. Be blessed.