Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Is that what u actually want?

Good day, i hope you are having a swell time, as for me, my day has been challenging.I want us to think about something serious today. The issue is all about working for somebody and doing something on your own. As i have been telling people since my days in school, an employee that is not making as much as 10 multiple of his salary for his employer is walking on a dangerous path for he can be kicked out any time, nad that i will not look for a job for one day, as it turned out i did not. Before my Graduation i was already working as a management staff of a multimillion Naira company.

Now check out the guys driving the best of cars in town,they are probably on their own. I'm not saying you can not make it working for somebody, (because even me today, i'm working under somebody,who happen to be a great leader,Who is encouraging me to work on my long term plan. The job i'm doing today is like my MBA and my salary is my bursary). What i'm saying is that the chances are slim. So my friend instead of sitting down or walking around town loking for somebody to employ you. Work on your own ideas you will be suprised at what you can achieve on your own. If you have Challenges it is there to make you strong,you can also source for materials that will help you grow.

Erastus Akingbola of Intercontinental Bank recently delivered a Lecture on Investment and identified 5 key issues on the topic.
1. An employee can never be rich.
2. Plan yourself out of employment. Have a 5 year plan.
3. Have a dream and a plan for achieving that dream.
4. Promotion is a way of entrapping the best employee
5. Job security is bondage, no one can promise you a job security.

So, that is what a bank MD in Nigeria said what are you waiting for.

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