Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Decline in Courtship:

I am beginning to think that time has left me by, otherwise, why does it appear to me as though some people I know are no longer interested in long, eventful and explorative courtship. I could remember in those days, how the older ones take pride in their relationships and dates.

Somehow, I miss the movie dates, I miss the long walks, I miss the conversations, and I definitely miss getting to know my prospective girl friend. I tell you what else I miss: I miss writing love-notes. It was fun and instructive penning some of those love letters -- expressing ones intentions and ones everlasting love and devotion.

It was just plain fun having a girl friend to introduce to friends and neighbors. The swagger of having a girl friend is almost gone. The knowing, the journey, the adventure, and the thrill of getting to know a girl is almost gone. Because this days having a girlfriend is almost the same as having a sex partner.

It is so bland and uneventful these days. The speed can be blinding. From the first date to consummation can be as little as 24-hours. And in fact the entire relationship may be over in another 72-hours or 27 weeks. How sad.

Whatever happened to courtship? What is the way out.Readers opinions are welcomed.


Anonymous said...

Days are gone when friendship is cultivated on the primary intention of having a wonderful person as a friend where you see the uniqueness in your friend and see his/her imperfection as a raw material you will use to make him/her a better person but you can ONLY achieve it with ‘LOVE and UNDERSTANDING’.

These days’ people go into friendship only because of what they can GAIN from their friends. Before now love notes genuinely expressed the true feelings of one but now the table has been turned upside down. Trust me it is a thing of pride to introduce your girlfriend/boyfriend to friends and neighbors especially if you appreciate your friend just the way he/she is.

Singles now have the mentality that one has to be sexually committed before you think of courting.
Now who is to be blamed? Humans or the Society?

God help singles!!!


ODODO said...

Technology has introduced into the society good and bad, people going out with each other can send and receive SMS at any time of the day hence love notes are almost inexistent; on the other hand, the media is bringing about erosion of values at an alarming rate, the guy and lady could go for shows where the atmosphere is sexually charged or watch explicit movies and the next logical thing is sex.

Communication is vital; this involves ability to capture one's thoughts into words (written or spoken); once people stop talking, they replace it with touching; the end result isn't usually good. Adultery or unfaithfulness in marriage then becomes almost inevitable.

People going out should set their limits as far as getting physical is concerned and stand by it, they need to avoid being alone as much as possible, be involved in competitions, games, planning & praying for the life ahead. Having accountability partners is extremely helpful as well.