Thursday, 7 February 2008

Free or Hiding

This article has been on my mind for some weeks now,i even put the topic down and opened a note pad for it,but i did not write about it for long. I just finished a discussion with my Human Resource Manager now and the urge to write this article swelled up in me.

Recently there was a call in my office for every one to drop one bad habit and pick up a good one and true to it, we started seeing a lot of changes,ranging from use of wrong words to clubbing quitting and all that. I was so surprised at the level of change that,i was moved in my spirit to write this article.Because i asked myself are we really changing or we are hiding.

Whenever people are asked to make a change that will affect their personal life,they have 3 options,it is either they go ahead and break the habit,or they keep on as if they don't care,but the third option is the most common,which is that people will just be more careful concerning that habit wherever you are which is very dangerous.

We should not be ashamed to get help whenever we need to, most of what we keep away from people that love and are willing to help us, tend to destroy us at the end of the day.Remember 'Gehazi' yes that one in the bible,he went behind to collect a gift his master rejected,of course they didn't beg him for it,so why won't they collect it,after all the man's intention is to bless them.Because of that single act he blessed himself and his family with a wonderful leprosy.

My friends instead of hiding that stuff,Pleeeeeeeeease drop it now, it can truncate your journey.

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