Monday, 28 January 2008

Why i write.

When i started writing on my blog,i ventured out with the intent of reaching out to my friends,younger ones,people that know me and accord me respect.As a result of this i have been struggling with writing for long,too long.Recently i discovered that what i can write with them in mind is limiting, because am no longer in touch with most of them, they don't even know that this blog exist,so i made up my mind to let go and unleash my skills.I will write when it is popular and write when it is not.

As a result of this i want my new set of readers to get to know me,that is where am coming from and where am going to. To this effect, starting from my next post,i will beaming some light on where,how and what of my life,i will be telling my story of GRACE because without grace, i would have derailed long time ago.

I will be covering issue ranging form Love,academic,financial and spiritual life.I'm not sure am a very good story teller but i will try my best to make it an interesting piece without and exaggeration nor holding back, i will say it as it happen.Why dont you relax and take the trip with me, you will enjoy it have a wonderful week ahead. Aloha!

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Anonymous said...

I am more than enthusiastic to know more and more of the affairs that have surrounded your life,Sure there will be lots of lessons.

Bear it in mind, that you have got at least one ardent reader...guess you should know who?