Thursday, 31 January 2008


When i was a child i dreamt about so many beautiful things, and i was also aware of how great i will become,with constant reassurance from my parents that i will climb heights in live that they have never even dreamt about.

As i was growing in live things started changing from level to level, when i started learning how to drive i could remember my dream car then was Nissan Laurel. Oh God, i can remember vividly how i begged my dad to please get one so i can drive with him,but the old man went for a Peugeot 505 Evolution,so i changed my dream car to Mercedes benz 230 then.

As i proceed in my journey through live my taste for cars started changing and started climbing too,from Honda Allah(1990) to Honda baby boy (2000). I also remember strongly how i prayed to God when my father in the lord bought a Nissan X terra,that God should help me,because i want to drive that kind of car.

But do you know the beautiful thing God did, he was watching and waiting for me to be ready because i was not ready, i thought i was, but i was not matured enough for all those things. Even when i had enough to buy a car of my choice God said no. But when the lord turned again the captivity of Zion we are like them that Dream (Psalm 126:1).

When the time came the lord not only gave me the money to get the car,but he also helped me to get a good deal that i find difficult to understand. The next thing for me now is to move on, for i already desire another one,do u really want to know my next dream car. Hang on with me...But am saying to you today, Dare to Dream cos "Dreams come True",Dream it is vital for your growth and advancement


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lolar's blog said...

Its indeed a 'dream come true'.Not to worry ishola,this is just a stepping stone into greater things to come.