Thursday, 11 December 2008

Happy Birthday to me...10th December

Birthdays in my office is a time, when we all have a good opportunity for people in the office and friends to tell us who we are.So i was really looking forward to this day for people to tell me stuffs about myself so that i can adjust myself and reposition for the next year.Most of the comments i got were good ones and i told myself if am this good. I pray in the name of God that there will never be a time in my life that i will be too good in my own eyes,that i will be too proud to help and be good to people around me.Am writing this not only for my readers to read but for me to be able to keep records of it for future reference.Read and learn what they said on decemeber 10 2008. And i hope to be able to do the post every year.

Here are the comments and the names of those that said them.

Anu Oluwadare: He is easy going and have no dark sides.

Keji Ogunbanjo: He is approachable,easy to talk to.Do not neglect God factor and also spiritual.

Ogho Emore: He accept, trust people and very understanding,with no dark side.

Gbemi Akande: He is a mentor.

Sam Aderibigbe: Open minded and wonderful to be around.

Tunde Opaleye: Simple humble and welcoming.

Kunle Akanle: Exciting all around.

Mayowa Oloyede: He is a bully and open minded.

Joel Oduadu: Simple & humble also motivating.

Marcel Omwanghe: He always offering a helping hand,understanding easy to talk to and approachable.

Sam Ochonma: Easily accessible.

Angela Nwabara: He is down to earth,passionate,charismatic and very troublesome.

Chinedu Ugorji: Someone you can always talk to, affected my life, Changed my thinking very troublesome and can say anything.

Joshua Olaomi; Always there to give you a chance but don't get him furious.

Byola Akinyemi: He is not a perfectionist, humble.He is sensitive to respect and dead lines don't be the one that will make him not meet a deadline,you won't like the experience.He is also jovial and can yab very well, accommodating. He is a coach, motivator and a mentor.

Busayo Akanro: High Sense of loyalty, enviable, selfless, friendly, warm, energy, optimistic, down to earth and very respectful, he is also hard working and very industrious.He needs to be followed up on projects and please don't get him angry he is an okay guy.

Temitope Adeolu Akinyemi: I have known him for 5 years,he is very respectful with excellent people management skills.He is positive and optimistic.He has the making of someone that will go far but he needs to be more decisive,firm and walk more with God.

Adeolu Akinyemi: I have known him for 7 years. He is very dependable on operational and logistics matter. His loyalty is not lack of opportunities, a sanguine that needs to be pushed atimes,He has the potential of someone that will go far in life and can never be stranded, approachable and jovial, with his own dark side. He simply should not live on old glory, always need to take stand whether to the left or right,pray for wisdom to handle what is ahead, grace to stay consistent in the face of what is to come.He also has responsibility to connect with what God has said through him. He should finance the kingdom of God, be a voice not an echo.

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Happy Belated B'day!