Friday, 7 March 2008

When you love someone.

Sometimes, you could love someone but you don't get it reciprocated.The person in question might show some signs of love too but just isn't ready to commit.For what reason,you might ask.Well,for some valid reasons,sometimes invalid reasons.But whatever the case,the person has some reason or the other.How do you feel in such a case? Well,different feelings could rave through you:

  • You could feel disappointed
  • You could feel like crying (sometimes you actually do)
  • You could feel like hating the person (remember you professed to love that same person)
  • You could feel like breaking off every form of communication with the person
  • You could feel like doing something to hurt the person
  • You could feel like hating everybody in general
  • You could feel like receding into a shell or world of your own and not reach out again

You could feel a whole lot of emotions,some on the negative, some baseless.But what are you supposed to do in such situations?Well, one thing you should realize is that the choice of any commitment is always dependent on the other person; not just on you.You shouldn't react negatively towards the person.Even if your love isn't reciprocated,that doesn't mean you can't still love them.It is possible for the relationship to be broken because of the situation but since you've professed to love the person,you just have to.The difference here is that you know your love isn't being reciprocated.At least,you should have known from the beginning that there was a risk of rejection.

You could say that this is difficult especially if the person whom you are in love with is probably in a relationship with someone else.But what can you do? Nothing.You just have to let go.If the person realizes that he/she might actually be in love with you and wants to commit, it is up to the person.You can't force someone to love you.At no point in time should you try to do anything that you might consider an act of vengeance or payback because you will end up not only hurting the person, but yourself too.Live your life freely, give as much love as possible and try to get over whatever hurt you might feel. Make friends and live life generally so as to get a balance. Definitely, your matching love would surely come up one day.Or , who knows if the person you love might come to his/her senses and realize that you are the one whom he/she loves and would be willing to commit to.

This is something to think about.

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